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Equilar is accepting submissions of updated peer groups to include in its 2019 Equilar Market Peers™ and Glass Lewis peers calculations.

Equilar Market Peers are calculated twice yearly, in January and July.

The deadline is December 31, 2018 to update peer groups. Changes submitted after December 31 will be incorporated in the next update in July.

The peer group you submit will be used in the Equilar Market Peers calculation and by Glass Lewis, who uses the Equilar Market Peers algorithm to generate the peer groups used in formulating their Say on Pay recommendations for investors. After we have received your submission, a confirmation email will be sent to you (the submitter) with a copy to your corporate secretary to verify our receipt of this update. Equilar will use this updated information unless notified otherwise.

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Start by typing company names or tickers into the search box. If you subscribe to Equilar's Insight product, you can click on "Populate with My Peers" to make edits using your most recently disclosed peer group as a starting point.

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Use the form below to add comments regarding Equilar's Peer Group Update or peers not available by lookup. To contact Glass Lewis, please use the Glass Lewis Issuer Portal.

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